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When you’re planning a meeting at a hotel, what types of fees can you expect to pay? Here’s an overview of the various expenses you may incur* and some tips on how to best manage your budget.

Fixed Fees

These are the basic “flat rates.” They typically include charges for meeting room rental, guest rooms, luggage handling, transportation and parking, food and beverage, AV, Internet access, package handling, drop fees for amenities, labor and service fees, and taxes.

To get a quote on fixed fees, you can fill out an RFP at meetings.spg.com or at our individual hotel websites.

•  Know your budget

Having a clear budget will allow our meeting and event specialists to find solutions that fit your needs.

•  Be flexible

Rates vary by location, by season and by business demand. Many Sheraton properties offer discounts at certain times of the year. If you are set on a certain location, try to be flexible with dates. Or if you have specific dates but flexibility in your location, and your first choice isn’t available, ask your Sheraton sales representative to help you find another hotel that works with your budget and dates.

•  Don’t forget about fees and taxes

Preliminary rates you review for meeting room rental, guest rooms, A/V and food and beverage may not include all applicable service fees and taxes, which vary by hotel and location. So be sure to have your hotel contact outline these costs up front so there are no surprises down the road.

Variable Costs

These are expenses that can change depending on the hotel concessions – services or discounts offered by the hotel as additional value savings, as long as performance expectations for rooms and food and beverage outlined in the contract are met.

•  Ask about promotions

Starwood and Sheraton offer a range of promotions that reward you for your business. Ask your hotel representative for any current promotions

•  Book multiple meetings

If you know of several upcoming events, booking multiple meetings at the same time may help you take advantage of even more discounts.

Liquidated Damage

These are expenses that may be incurred for breaching your contract terms around room or food and beverage commitments. The two major kinds of damages are:

•  Attrition

A cost equal to the difference between your group’s contracted financial commitment to the hotel and its actual performance.

•  Cancellation

Damages to be paid if the meeting is cancelled.

•  Monitor attendance closely

Track the number of confirmed attendees carefully to ensure you are on track to meet your rooming and food and beverage contractual requirements.

•  Communicate

Communicate early on with your Sheraton representative if you suspect you may not be able to use all reserved guest or meeting rooms. This will give the hotel a chance to try to resell spaces and help minimize your liquidated damages.

*Please note that this is a high-level summary of hotel-related costs that are common for smaller meetings, but it is not a comprehensive list.

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